Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Data Sheets

Hey fellow speechies!  This post is for you.  I know, I know, you probably don't want another data sheet in your arsenal.  And that's ok.  Or maybe you are going through an "I hate my data sheets" phase like I did about a billion times.  But I made it through that phase and now I happen to think this data sheet is the best one out there.  It's simple, and I'm a simple gal.  Simple is my middle name.  Actually, it's Christine.  But that doesn't matter.  When it comes to paperwork, my mantra is: "No frills, just function." So I now present you with my Data Sheet:

I print out tons of these before each school year and put a couple of them in each student's tab of my binder.  Then I write in their individual objectives in the top right box.  This is also how I keep track of how many times they have met their objective.  Since I usually write goals with a phrase like, "...over 3 observations" then I can quickly glance to see how many times they have met that goal.  I just write the date in the box.

I like the data boxes because each row has 20 boxes.  Therefore I don't need a calculator because I know each plus is worth 5%.  And I hate math.  The less math the better.  Big factor in my career choice.

The HW column is homework.  I do an "R" if they returned last week's and an "S" if I sent out new homework.  I like the notes section because I can write any sounds or new vocab words we discussed which makes it easy for me to review the following week.

This next chart is my R Progress Chart.  This is what I use to keep track of my R kids' progress.  It goes with "The Entire World of R" very well but I know there are other similar programs that it would work with too.  I like it because I have learned that it is crucial to teach these sounds separate and make sure I don't go too fast in teaching them or in advancing them to the next level.  This helps me keep track and it also helps the student see their progress.  I just write the date they achieved at least 90% or more (or whatever their personal criteria is) in the box.

I hope you find these useful.  If you decide to use them leave me some love in the form of a comment so I can feel good about the time it took me to post this.:)

Good luck as you get ready for another year!


  1. Oh Michelle! Those are very nice! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Susan Haseley, MS CCC SLPMay 31, 2013 at 5:46 AM

    Hi Michelle,
    I will be speaking at the South Dakota Speech Conference in October regarding my /r/ device the Bite-R and tactile speech training. May I share your R Progress Chart?