Monday, August 6, 2012

Auditory Verbal Therapy Series: Introduction

Fact:  90-95% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing parents (Mitchell & Karchmer, 2004).  This fact means that most parents who have a child with hearing loss don't know any sign language and would like their child to learn to listen and use spoken language.  With today's technology that is possible!  Which means many parents are choosing Auditory Verbal Therapy because the possibilities that it provides most closely match their hopes and dreams for their child.  I've decided to do a series on the principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy because it is still a relatively unknown area.  I studied these principles very closely in college and someday would like to become one of the current 600 Listening and Spoken Language Specialists.  It's quite the process but I'll get there eventually!  
Join me tomorrow as I discuss Principle I of Auditory Verbal Therapy! 


  1. Perfect! Don't forget LSLS AVEd - there are incredible schools and programs for families that follow the LSLS principles as well- providing even more options! - MeM99

    1. Too true! LSLS AVT and LSLS AVEd! Lots of acronyms and lots of great options! Thanks for pointing that out. :)