Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Find a Speech Therapist

As stated in the blog description to the right of this page, no website or advice, even when received from a professional speech-language pathologist, can compensate for the REAL DEAL. If you have concerns, you need to get your child evaluated by a speech-language pathologist. This post will give you a little bit of background on how to find one.

The first thing you should know is that school districts are responsible for finding children with disabilities within their boundaries. So typically the best way to go is through your school district.

You will go about contacting your school district differently, depending on your child's age. If they are currently in school, talk to your child's teacher and possibly your child's principal to learn about the process. It's different for every school.

If your child is not in school yet, you will probably need to contact Early Intervention, sometimes referred to as Birth to Three. Click here for the website for Davis School District in Utah. For any other area, it usually works well to Google "Early Intervention/Birth to Three, (your county and state)" Or you can just look up the main number for the district and they will probably direct your call appropriately. Or you can try this link. It lists coordinators by state. I don't know when it was last updated.

If your child qualifies for speech then services are usually free. Sometimes Birth to Three services have fees for direct services, and that varies by state also. Most evaluations are free of charge.

If you don't want to go through the school district, you can find a speech therapist in your area by doing a little bit of research (again Google works wonders) or you can try this website.

Good luck! Post your questions and let me know if this information was helpful!

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  1. Michelle, I LOVE it! I think that information is very helpful.