Friday, May 21, 2010

Birth to 1 Milestones

Children start learning language basics even before they are born! Even in the womb, babies hear voices and become used to their mother's voice. As soon as they are born they respond to their mother's voices by increased sucking or being comforted. Then throughout the first year, they learn the foundations for language. Here are some milestones to watch for in your baby:

Birth to 3 Months:
- smiles reflexively
- coos
- tracks sound with eyes
- quiets when picked up
- startles to loud sounds

4-6 Months
- raises arms in response to "Come here" or other phrases
- Looks at appropriate family members when named
- Begins to growl, squeal, yell, make raspberries, and babble

7-9 Months
- can recognize common objects when their name is said (Where's your ball?)
- plays pat-a-cake-, peek-a-boo,
- uncovers hidden toy
- understands "no"

10-12 Months
- understands up to 10 words
- uses first true word (uses the same sounds consistently for the same object/person)
- turns head when name is said
- points to or vocalizes when they want something

Don't panic if your child hasn't reached one or two of these milestones. Take a day or two and try to work on something specifically. Sometimes a child just needs a little direction and they'll pick it up quickly. If they are a few months behind on several of these milestones then you might want to get an evaluation.

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