Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reading To Your Kids #1: Take Your Time

I have promised a few friends and a few parents that I would do this series and I think it's time!  Summer Break is approaching and that's a great time to establish a reading routine with your kids.  I'll just be posting a new concept each time and I don't know exactly how many posts I will end up doing....we shall see!  My first tip is a short and simple one, but a very powerful one at the same time.

Reading Tip #1: Take Your Time
We all have nights where we are home late from a baseball game or something, we just want the kids to go to bed so we read a quick book and get it over with.  That's OK!  But hopefully most of the time you are able to sit down, relax, and let your child take the lead.  Let them turn the pages, ask questions, talk about the pictures, etc.  There's no need to rush to get through it.  Many children need a long time to absorb what was just read and apply it to the pictures on the page.  Especially if it's a first-time read-through.  You might find that after you read the text and give your child a few minutes to let it sink in, they suddenly start asking questions.  Those are the times when you can catch a glimpse into your child's amazing mind.  Let me know how it goes!

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