Monday, May 7, 2012

Hearing Journey Website

If you haven't heard of The Listening Room, you need to check it out right now!  Actually, wait until you finish reading this post.  Or go right now.  Either way.  The website is targeted for children with hearing loss, and is provided by Advanced Bionics.  But the activities provided are great for parents and professionals, and for any children with language goals!
There are a few artists, but the main one is Dave Sindrey, who is also a certified auditory verbal therapist and therefore specializes in teaching children with hearing loss how to listen and speak.  And therefore I love him!!!  You have to sign up to enter, but it is free and I never get emails from them.  It's divided into an infant section, kids section (the one I use the most), and an adults/teens section.  In the Kids section, each week there is a new language activity that comes with instructions and a PDF file for you to download.  Most things are not archived so I try to check it frequently and save everything to my computer.  There are also some great informational articles that are great to printout and distribute to parents.  And several activities and articles even come in Spanish which is fabuloso!

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